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“SARGADELOS is proud of the PEPA POCH
ART PORCELAIN FOR LIVING Collection of Art Pieces,
result of the integration of the Artist in our factories for months,
in a magnificent symbiosis between the Vanguard and Trends
of Pepa Poch and the Tradition and Solidity of a luxury brand
with more than 200 years of history.
Each piece of the collection is unique and has been created
by Pepa Poch with her own hands, in our furnaces and with our
exquisite experience in the treatment of porcelain, in perfect fusion.
The Pepa Poch porcelains are for to create emotions,
contemplate and live, and were born to present themselves to the world
in Museums, Galleries and spaces of high artistic sensitivity.
Pepa Poch makes us once again relive our origins
from the hand of great creators such as
Seoane, Díaz Pardo, Arcadio Blasco o Varekamp”



“Absolutely Loving Collection”

The Barcelona Royal Institute of Art
(Reial Cercle Artistic de Barcelona)
has commissioned Pepa Poch to create
“Art Spaces Pepa Poch”
in the Pignatelli Palace,
headquarters of the entity,
where her porcelain collection
"Absolutely Loving"
will be displayed and used
for a very exclusive "Art Diners".


Create without fear of beauty.

“Pepa Poch expands his magic to spaces, canvases, porcelains...
Becoming exceptional everyday life
and shares that another dimension of the world.
Transfiguration is one of the keys in his work,
the object is only an excuse, a starting point
to untie a whole sensible universe.
She extracts the feelings asleep that his hands awaken.
Pepa Poch recreates in an aesthetic language of present,
free of complexes and fashions”

Curator. Artistic Dirección Space Carmen Thyssen


"The great impulse to create"

"The excitement of going to the Sargadelos factory every morning,
to see as the sun rises in Foz and in the afternoon
on the return to see the low tide and the sunset.
To work with the cold winter on the fresh pieces out of the mold
and every day to receive a smiles of the working women
looking affectionately with the corner of the eye my creations,
is really a symbiosis Pepa Poch Sargadelos / Sargadelos Pepa Poch.
A mixture of great personality and creativity
to express the art of living. In 2011, I had this wonderful
experience and in 2016, when I had dinner with my paintings
and art tureen in NY (Art-Dinner) with all the excited guests,
the great impulse to create and collaborate with
Sargadelos again resurfaced in me.
Every day of the 4 months that I have been working in Cervo and O castro,
porcelain is already something essential in my life "

Galicia, March 2017

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